At World of Coco we love to invent uniquely captivating stilt creations.

With an eye for movement detail and exquisite costume, our stilt walkers are high impact and versatile, bustling with personality . We use the most experienced and dynamic performers out there to create characters which will transport you to another world. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can work with you to create a bespoke character.


The Birds of Paradise

Our magnificently flamboyant Birds of Paradise are elegant and illustrious creatures, mimicking the movements of their jungle dwelling counterparts as they flutter and mingle. Also available as aerialists.

The Parakeets

The gloriously vibrant and sprightly Parakeets create a joyful carnivalesque atmosphere. These delightfully spirited birds are cheeky animated characters full of wonder. Also available as aerialists.

The Mermaidens

Sublime light-up creatures from the depths of the ocean. The Mermaidens are curious siren-like characters who drift with an inquisitive air. Exotic and unusual, stunningly visual, they emit the blue/green glow of deep sea beings and bring with them the mysteries from this inaccessible world. Also available as aerialists.

The Ice Queens

Beautifully ethereal winter themed characters. Glittering gem encrusted headdresses, sparkling LED lights, glistening icicle fingertips and bell-lined dresses reveal shimmering silver skin. But beware, these silent beings will attempt to entrance you with their icy spell!

The Glitter Belles

Sculptural creations inspired by 1970’s disco combined with avant-garde fashion, designed for impact. Whether ground based serving drinks or glitter sprinkling and ripping up the dance floor on stilts, the Glitter Belles are guaranteed to create something of a stir. Each costume has inbuilt light balls giving off an opulent glow and LEDs to create a shimmering mirror ball effect from the headdress.